Sam & Sarah Lestor, Retired Coal Miner, Roche Percee

I was born in Roche Percee in 1918. I worked for Manalta and Roche Percee 31 years. Overall, I worked in those underground mines 15 years.

Well, I did just about everything at the mine. I liked underground better than surface - oh hell, yes! But I sure miss those shovels.

The manager and I got along well. One time, I bought an old truck from him. First, he said to me, You're not getting that truck. I said, I'll give you $80 but you have to take it in and put a battery and new spark plugs in, set the points. He said, You're a robber. So him and I got along good.

We lived on the farm and had about 12 cattle. We finally had to sell them because she had to walk down there and chop the ice. She used to fork the hay. Finally, we found an old bailer. She used to sit behind the bailer and tie the bails. Lightning and rain, we kept right on going.

I retired in 1981 after a heart attack.