Jimmy Fitzgerald, Retired Coal Miner, Canmore, AB

My house was the first CPR (Canadian Pacific Railway) Station in Canmore. It was moved here by a previous owner. I bought it from Doctor Worthington.

I was born in Wales in 1901, although we were originally Irish. I am a Welshman with an Irish name. In Wales, we were considered foreigners. I started coal mining in Wales when I was fourteen.

I emigrated to Canada in 1930 with my wife Gwen. With fifteen years of mining in Wales and thirty-six years in Canmore, I had a total of fifty-one years in coal mining.

My three sons and one grandson all worked for Canmore Mines. There were three generations of my family working in the mine at one time. I wanted my boys to go to school and not go in the mine. I was always a contract miner.

I retired from the mine in 1966.

I always had a large garden. I built this greenhouse so I could grow enough vegetables to supply the whole family. I used to plant lots of cabbages and give them all away.