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2015 Wayne Bridges Calendar

This past summer the new owners of the Last Chance Saloon and the Rosedeer Hotel in the former coal mining town of Wayne, Dave and Videll, Arsenault, asked me to produce a calendar that would help promote their new venture. We came up with the idea of doing a 2015 Calendar titled “Eleven Bridges.” I photographed all the bridges between Rosedale and Wayne as well as the hotel and wrote the historic stories for each.

Robert Lawes designed the calendar. It turned out to be a very interesting project related to Drumheller Valley history. I have offered to help sell a few copies for Dave and his wife of this well printed calendar. If you are interested in obtaining a copy let me know via email. I will ship a calendar along with an invoice to you for $20 each which includes GST and postage.

After seeing this calendar on your wall, you will likely want to make a return visit to Wayne or if you have never been there you may want to scout it out for the first time. The Hotel and Saloon, originally built in 1913. is the most significant remaining heritage building of Wayne’s former coal mining days. The saloon interior is filled with an interesting collection of memorabilia, photographs and posters from the good old days.

Best Regards,

Lawrence Chrismas,