Eli Goguen, Retired Coal Miner, Minto

I was born in Boston in 1892. I worked in the coal mines in the Minto area for about 50 years. When I first worked in the mines, we had no electricity so we had to use pails to bail the water out. In the old days we used to wear oil skin coats just like the fishermen. At first we didn't have fans to clear out the dead air, but there wasn't a lot of coal dust like in Nova Scotia. I used to live in the company houses around the mines. There is still company houses in Minto but they are now remodelled and owned by the people that live in them.

I worked in the mine most of the time and I did various jobs in the mine. At last I got to be boss of somebody else-looking after the cutting crew. I didn't want to boss anybody around so I went back behind the machine to do timbering.

I raised some chickens and had some hens too. I kept horses and I kept cows. During the depression, here in Minto wasthe only place in New Brunswick with a dollar. The rest of it, there was no money going around. But here in Minto I have seen lots of times in the summertime when we had a day or two of work a week. So if you had some cows and a little garden, it helped some. In the winter I used to get a lot of moose and deer meat.