Bob Hachey - Retired Coal Miner, River Hebert

You ain't going to show this photo around too much, are you? I used to run around quite a bit and if somebody sees it, they might say, There's my old man.

Actually, I've been married 35 years and have lived in this house 34 years.

I was 13 years old when I went into the Bayview Mine. I had no choice and neither did my brother. I joined the army, then came back and went to work in another small mine in Joggins. I worked there right up until 1961; then I went to River Hebert Mine and worked there until last year when it closed and I retired.

I worked 21 years for the Hillcrest Mining Company. When you add it up, I spent 44 years in the mines in the Joggins/River Hebert area.

But if I'd had any brains, I would have stayed in the army.

You can't really describe what it was like, working underground on the thin pitching seams in the Joggins area. When you try to, people don't believe you.