Atillio Caffaro, Retired Chief Mine Mechanic, Canmore, AB

Somebody asked me what I was going to do when I retired. I said, I am going to stay right because it is the best place in Canada. I said, I am also going to be here after that because I got a place at the Hoodoos reserved.

I was born in Italy in 1905. I came to Canmore when I was fourteen years old to live with my sister. I graduated from high school in Canmore. I studied for and got my journeyman's welder ticket and steam engineer's papers. I was the mechanical superintendent of the mine.

I'll tell you something about when Fred Marra and I were youngsters, just young punks.We started at the mine, just fifteen years old.When we were sixteen or seventeen, we were the youngest in the shop. Every Saturday night, the other fellows, the older guys would say to us, Will you work for us, we have to go to Banff.We had to bear the brunt but we didn't mind it. He and I bore the brunt and never refused anything.

Oh ya, I curled and retired a champion. Now I have a big garden. The flowers I leave up to her but they are all perennials.