Mary and Andy Kralik, Nacmine, AB

We have been married 63 years. We were married in the old country, Czechoslovakia, in 1923. I worked in coal mines in Hungary and Czechoslovakia. Oh, you betcha your life, I was an experienced miner.

I came to Canada in 1926 and started work at a little mine in Bienfait, Saskatchewan. From there, I went to Nova Scotia to work in the No. 10 and No. 16 Collieries in New Waterford. I didn't stay because there wasn't much work and the pay was poor.

In 1928, I came here, to Nacmine. I worked in the mine for 27 years, right through until 1955. I quit because I wanted to operate the farm I'd bought in 1943. In 1943, a farm was not too high a price.

I could walk from my farm to the Red Deer Valley Mine – the mine workings went right under my farm. They even had an airshaft on my land and sometimes put materials down for the miners. My son now looks after my farm. He has a farm right next to mine.

Oh yeah, it's much better to work on a farm than to be a coal miner. You get good air, you know.